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3ª Temporada

3.01 – A Death in The Family
Chasing Dragons – Gemma Hayes
You Will Know What To Do – Home Video
Mmm… – Laura Izibor

3.02 – The Way We Were
I Can’t Fix Us Two – Katie Costello
Make a Name for Me and You – Rachael Cantu
Song for the Waiting – Aron Wright

3.03 – Right Here, Right Now
Learning To Fly – Kate Earl
You Make My Dreams – Hall and Oates
As It Must Be – Joey Ryan
Drifting Away – Tal and Acacia

3.04 – Pushing the Limits
Take Me To The River – Al Green
From Here On Out – Denison Witmer
Imaginary Bars – Great Lake Swimmers
The Only Ones – The Sounds

3.05 – Strange Bedfellows
Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’ – Mayer Hawthorne
Sticks & Stones – Farryl Purkiss
Choking On The Concrete – Greg Holden

3.06 – Slip Slidin’ Away
Gone Are The Days – Mirah
The Way The World Works – Pixie Lott
Alex and Sam – The One

3.07 – The Hard Part
The Big Middle – Juliette Commagére
Drop It – Basko
I Lie – The Leaning Eaves
Thank You in Advance – Hazy Malaze
Looking Out for You – Hazy Malaze

3.08 – Sins of the Father
If Something’s Wrong – Aidan Hawken
I Can’t Get You Out of My Mind – Matthew Perryman Jones
All Roads Lead Home – Golden State
Let It Be Me – Ray LaMontagne

3.09 – The Parent Trap
Doubtful Comforts – Blue Roses
Love Me Through – Port O’Brien
Off The Wall – Cham Pain
Can’t Treat Me That Way – Kate Earl

3.10 – Blowups
Marie Floating Over the Backyard – Eels
Cataracts – Andrew Bird
The Sound Alseep – Sometymes Why
Hold Onto Hope Love – Amy Stroup

3.11 – Another Second Chance
Let’s Take A Walk – Raphael Saadiq
Sink Or Swim – Tyrone Wells
Bulletproof Weeks – Matt Nathanson
Please Don’t Stop The Rain – James Morrison

3.12 – Best Laid Plans
Berkeley Girl – Harper Simon
What You’re Supposed To Do – Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria
Silver Revolver – Lady of the Sunshine
Magic View – Diane Birch
The Old Days Are Gone – Gary Jules and The Group Rules

3.13 – Shotgun
Waiting For The Monster To Drown – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
Winter Calls – The Rifles
Get Involved – Ginuwine (Feat. Timbaland & Missy Elliott)
Hesitate – Steve Moakler

3.14 – Love Bites
Burned to the Ground – Tingsek
Crazy He Calls Me – Billie Holiday
Let’s Get Lost – Chet Baker
(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons – The King Cole Trio

3.15 – Til Death Do Us Part
Dog Stars – Kaiser Cartel
(I’ve Got) Beginner’s Luck – Ella Fitzgerald

3.16 – Fear of Flying
Many Shades Of Black – Adele & The Raconteurs
Four Leaf Clover – Mozella
The Skies Over Your Head – Nico Stai]

3.17 – Triangles
That Man – Macy Gray
Portraits – Barrett Johnson
Misdirection – Sanders Bohlke

3.18 – Pulling the Plug
Green Eyed Love – Mayer Hawthorne
Santa Monica Dream – Angus and Julia Stone
Dying Day – Gin Wigmore

3.19 – Eyes Wide Open
Ca Plane Pour Moi – Nouvelle Vague
I’m a Realist – The Cribs
Wait a Minute Here – The Robotanists
Follow Me Back Into the Sun – The Rescues

3.20 – Second Choices
There’s No Way – Sam Bisbee
Silver Lining – Oh Ruin
Getting By – The Robotanists
And The Birds Sing – Tyrone Wells

3.21 – War
Hunting My Dress – Jesca Hoop
I’m Gonna Make It – Sanders Bohlke
Breathing Out – Doveman

3.22 – In the Name of Love
Could’ve Been You – Joss Stone
Clementine – Sarah Jaffe
Cry – Jason Walker
Nemesis – David Gray
In My Dreams – Youth Group

3.23 – The End of a Beautiful Friendship

Transformation – David Gray
X – Titiyo
Paradise – Royal Wood
We Could Get Lost – Mark Sholtez


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